Somos Gallery

“The holy grail is to spend less time making the picture than it takes people to look at it.”


Photo Gallery

Here are some samples of photographs depicting our area, interests, products, events, and loves we hold dearly to our hearts. We carry an array products from Kidrobot urban vinyl - designer toys, Upper Playground graphic tees, Lowbrow & Urban art work, and more fun stuff. Feel free to contact us for more about what Somos Gallery has to offer. You can also use our Social Media links above to connect and view what we are up to. Thanks again for viewing our website. 


Somos Gallery offers many diverse artistic products available for purchase from Collectibles, Apparel, and other Art Related products.  We host various art shows and creative events in our gallery. Somos Media is our Digital Media  aspect of our business, that offers many marketing and digital printing services for our customers. Please contact us for more information about attaining our services. 
  • Retail 
    Somos Gallery carries an array of artist related products from Graphic T-shirts, Books, Prints, Accessories and more.
  • Gallery
    Somos Gallery hosts regular art events that feature Urban, Lowbrow, Pop Art, Kustom Kulture, Street Photography genres.
  • Digital Printing
    Somos Media can offer its customers various Digital Printing services: Giclee Printing, Business Cards, Flyers, etc. Please text us at 831-422-9200 with your printing questions. 


  • Chloe
    Chloe handles herself as if she is a top notch CEO. From how she is able to charm clients to calming the mood. She loves people and they love her. If she is not getting dolled up at her beauty spa. She will sometimes  make an appearance at the gallery.   
  • Will Devoe
    Founder + Designer
    Will  founded Somos Media in the early 2000s while still attending college by offering Multimedia Services to his clients. In 2006  he established a physical location Somos Gallery to host art events, showcase talent, and provides a venue retail their products.
  • Imelda Suarez
    Art Direction + Visual Artist
    Imelda handles the design aspects of Somos Media.  Behind the scenes she creates digital and traditional art for clients and art shows. She has over a decades worth of fine art and graphic arts experience. Imelda also has been the backbone in the art direction of Somos Gallery. 
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  • Dj Kiyoshi One & Nova
    Radio DJs + Event Promotions
    Dj Kiyoshi One and Dj Nova are the hosts o the multimedia events;  from handling visuals & sound, setting up shows, to promoting events. If you would like to know more about up coming events? Please follow the FB link below and Like the page. 


Somos Gallery can be found at our physical location or online at

Where to find us
262 Main St
Salinas, CA 93901

How to reach us
(831) 422-9200